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  1. Yuniarsih, Yuyun (2018) The Students' Mastery on Tesis at the First Semester of English Departemen of IAIN Palopo. Skripsi thesis, IAIN Palopo.
  2. Kasriani, Kasriani (2018) Increasing students' reading skill by using reppeated reading strategy at the third semester english studymprogram of IAIN palopo. Skripsi thesis, Institut Agama Islam Negeri Palopo.
  3. Harpaeni M, Harpaeni (2018) The Grammar Achievement of Student at The Third Semester at English Education Program and Teacher Training Faculty of IAIN Palopo. Skripsi thesis, IAIN Palopo.
  4. Safira, Ria (2017) Improving Students' Reading Skill by Using Group Mapping Activities ( GMA ) Strategy at The Second Year of SMA Negeri 5 Luwu. Other thesis, IAIN Palopo.
  5. Astuti, Andi Astuti (2018) The Ability of The Third Semester Students of English Departement IAIN Palopo 2017-2018 Academic Year in Writing Recount Text. Skripsi thesis, IAIN Palopo.
  6. Andriani, Andriani (2017) The Language Varieties of Rongkong in Luwunese People. Skripsi thesis, IAIN Palopo.
  7. Muslimin, Murniati (2018) Teaching Grammar by Using Facebook Media at The Seventh Semester Students of IAIN Palopo. Diploma thesis, IAIN Palopo.
  8. Esti, Esti (2018) An Analysis on Students' Difficulties in Reading Comprehension on Narrative Text at SMPN 3 Mappedeceng ( Masamba). Skripsi thesis, IAIN Palopo.
  9. Sappe, Amina (2018) English Material Development at The Fifth Grade Students of MI Pesantren Modern Datok Sulaiman Palopo. Skripsi thesis, Institut Agama Islam NegeriPalopo.
  10. Rafidah, Rafidah (2017) Improving Students' Speaking Skill by Using Time Token Method at The Second Year Students' of SMAN 5 Luwu. Other thesis, IAIN Palopo.